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Stacking Up to 80% m² savings


filling and discharging Optimizes your product flow and supply chain


Easy and safe handling Minimizes safety hazards, maximizes efficiency

Key product FUNCTIONALITIES Listed

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Big bag stacking and handling systems, to make your job easier and safer.

  • Stacking | Indus products are used to stack big bags, saving storage space. Pole height is adjusted according to the height of your big bag. Maximum stacking height is 7 meters, with a tolerance of 6 tons. Tested and certified by IBE-BVI, Sebert.
  • Filling and discharging | The unique bowl-shaped bottom decks ensure stable filling and discharging, preventing product loss and contamination. An opening with valve is used for dosed or portional discharge.
  • Easy and safe handling | The safest way of handling and securing your big bags. Perfectly compatible with logistics: trucks, containers and forklifts.
  • 100% Recyclable | With a lifetime of 10-15 years and recycling possibility we actively contribute to a better world for future generations.

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Indus in A VARIETY Of industries

Food or non-food, free flow goods or powders, complex or standard, our solutions are applied in every industry, for every case. We have the right expertise and partners to advise you. Industries where Indus Solutions are commonly used:


Many plastic suppliers and manufacturers already profit from our reliable big bag handling solution. Plastic granules in big bags are safely stored, using little storage space, and can easily be mixed and flexibily transported through production areas. 


The Food Approved Indus solution operates, similar to standard products, in conjunction with big bags and serves as a mini-silo of small to large badges, replacing silos, hoist systems, large metal surge bins or hoppers in production areas.


The Dutch Seed Industry has embraced the Indus Neva as the number 1 seed handling solution, as demonstrated by the commitment of Enza, Rijk Zwaan, Incotec and others. Optionally supplemented with custom-made big bags.

Chemicals & Powders

We are a trusted partner for many chemical and powder processing companies that need strong, solid and clean solutions for handling bulk goods in big bags. Our traditional solutions are supplemented with many new innovations like  a revolutionary powder discharging station.

Other industries

The innovative features and safety aspects of our products make it applicable in almost all industries. Contact us to find the right solution for your business!

Customer SUCCESS Stories

Want to know more about the experiences of our happy customers? Please read our customers stories and find the perfect solution in your industry.

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Sugar decorations company Alldra solves storage problems with the purchase of big bag handling systems. The stackability of big bags guarantees the same quality and guaranteed supply even at peak times.

Think about the planet 100% RECYCLABLE Solutions

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59584m² saved
Worldwide saving of storage space by using Indus Neva stackable solution for big bags
Storage of granules, food ingredients, powders in Indus Neva Solutions since 2004