Indus NEVA

Mostly used for internal processes and (short) truck shipments. Its exceptional discharge feature in the bowl-shaped bottom deck and stable stacking structure offer the most efficient and safe support for big bags.The Neva has been invented 15 years ago and has an extraordinary design. 

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The Kunar, scheduled to be ready in Q2 of 2022, is our latest innovation. The product has a more plain character and provides a solution for companies that need a sturdy storage method and also need to regularly transport their product overseas.

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The INDUS Solution

We are continuously working on improving your business by designing the most advanced products. The Indus solution is always aimed at improving your supply chain, elevate the safety of your workers and increasing the efficiency of your surface area by stacking wares. 

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Our design philosophy


Our products help to build your products by optimizing your supply chain. By customizing our products to fit with your big bags, filling machines, conveying lines, forklifts, and other equipment you use in your plant or warehouse, there is always a solution that works for you.


We understand every situation is different and things change over time. Together with our group companies and partners we have the knowledge and innovative power to keep up with the rapidly changing environments.


Our solution is applicable to many different situations: be it big bag handling, improving the safety of your team, long term storage or improving your supply chain whilst also decreasing your carbon footprint, there is an indus solution that works for you. we have a readily available team always happy to provide you with advice. Contact us.

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Read everything you need to know about the Indus Neva and other products to determine the right product for your situation.

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