Indus NEVA

Top-of-the-line solution for handling solid products in big bags. Neva’s practical design offers a highly efficient method to reliably store, transport and discharge your products.

Product information

Product FEATURES 2022

No. 1 flexible big bag stacking and handling solution on the market
Increases bulk goods supply chain efficiency
Improves work safety and hygiene in warehouses and factories
100% Recyclable and made from recycled plastics
Filling 45800


Fill your empty big bags while the lifting loops attached to the Indus Neva to keep the big bag stable and safe.

Safe and flexible logistics 45801

Safe and flexible logistics

With the Indus Neva, big bags are transported easily through the warehouse and into trucks using your own equipment.

Stacking 45802


Stack your big bags up to 7 meters or 6 tons. Recommended: 1m big bags - 4 levels, 2m big bags - 3 levels. Max. weight per Indus Neva: 1.5 tons.

Discharging 45803


The Indus Neva offers a discharge possibility through the bowl-shaped bottom deck. The slide can be opened and closed any time, to start and stop the product flow when needed.

Minimal storage space 45804

Minimal storage space

Production peaks and dips are easily absorbed by reducing the storage space of the Indus Neva. This is an advantage compared to for example metal storage bins.

Our SOLUTION For you

Our products are based on surpassing the status quo and innovation based on current processes and products. We design and produce solutions for companies with the same ambitious goals.

The INDUS NEVA For standard application

Experience our standard high quality big bag handling and storage solution, applicable in 95% of all situations. The Indus Neva Lockhead can be deployed for all applications: filling, transporting, stacking in storage and emptying. Putting your big bags in and taking them out is effortless due to the design of the lockhead.

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The ROLLING SPRINGHEAD For smaller big bags

Big bags of 85x85-90x90 are easily stabilized and transported with the Indus Neva Rolling Springhead. Second advantage of this version is that emptying can be supported by the spring, which is also present in the standard Springhead version.

ROLLING SPRINGHEAD</site:property>

The FOOD APPROVED Product option

Keep your food production environment clean with our food approved big bag handling solution. Made of top quality virgin plastics and stainless steel. The design of the bottom deck makes it very easy to clean.

FOOD APPROVED</site:property>

The bottom deck ADJUSTED For any forklift

Whether you work with elektric forklifts, (hand) pallet jacks or stackers, reach trucks, order pickers or pallet trucks, the Indus Neva is fit for your equipment. Replace expensive and inflexible solutions such as hoist systems or storage bins with the clever Neva Solution.