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Food Approved Indus Neva

When you are working in a food environment, or other environment where food safety or hygiene is the highest priority, the Food Approved Indus Neva is the solution for your case. For this product we are working with the most clean materials, like virgin PP and stainless steel. The product design enables a practical and fast cleaning process.

Application of the Indus Neva
As any other Indus Neva, the foodgraded version can be applied in many situations. Using the lockhead, the system can be used for safe storage, handling and internal logistics. The (rolling) springhead can be used for these purposes as well, adding an extra feature of discharging assistance when processing goods. 

Powders and non-flowing goods
Are you producing or processing powders, chemicals, or other bulk goods that have a non-flowing character? We have the solution to empty your big bags completely. Our R&D team and partners test with every material to ensure top-unloading-performance.

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