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Big bag filling

Filling a big bag in the Indus Neva is conducted from the top. As the Neva can be combined with many different existing big bags, it fits your current packaging infrastructure well.

Bulk goods in big bags

The Indus Solutions can be combined with the following products

Big bag

A big bag or flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), jumbo, bulk bag, super sack, or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric.


Octabins are used for storage of granular materials, powders, liquids, etc.

Indus Neva

Indus Neva standard bottom deck

The standard Indus Neva bottom deck has lots of features.

Adjusted bottom deck

The adjusted bottom deck only has horizontal layers on 2 sides

Food Approved Indus Neva

The solution that is made of virgin plastics and stainless steel

Indus Neva Poles

Poles can be made of different materials and have different heights. Find your fit here.

Indus Neva Rolling Springhead

How to use the Indus Neva Rolling Springhead?

Indus Neva Springhead

How to use the Indus Neva Springhead?

Indus Neva Lockhead

How to use the Indus Neva Lockhead?

Minimal space requirements Indus Neva

Neva is built robustly, yet adheres to a minimalistic design philosophy.

Big bag (portional) discharge

In addition to Indus Neva’s bottom parts superior shape, the integral sliding system offers the benefit of dosed discharging.

Big bag stacking

The Indus Neva offers the benefit of stackability. Being held together by the stacking pipes at each corner,

Safe internal and external transport big bag

The Indus Neva offers remarkable safety when transported within and outside your company.