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The Indus Neva Springhead is the preferred solution for top-level seed breeders in The Netherlands, EU and Japan. 

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Product information

The features of the product add exceptional value for the logistics, stacked storage is possible and handling of higher priced seeds is easy and clean. Small batches of seeds can be packed separately and discharged in small dosed volumes for further processing or packaging.

Reusable big bags for seeds

We offer a complete seed industry solution: in association with a sailmaker from The Netherlands, Indus has developed a strong big bag, which is reusable, 100% waterproof, clean and smooth. The big bags have bottom dimensions of 95x95 and can be adjusted to any height, depending on the requirements. 

"Enza's seed storage and transporting capacity is 20 times higher with the Indus Neva." Pieter Pereboom Team Leader Processing
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"With the Indus Neva, seeds at Rijk Zwaan are processed much quicker and cleaner due to the possibility of emptying big bags trough the bottom deck" René Heijink Head Packaging

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