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Product information

Big bags with granules are heavy and tend to use a lot of space. Also, products need to stay clean and have to be processed further. Imagine a solution that solves all of these issues. Big bags can be placed in our products empty and full and also taken out in both conditions. Emptying on top of machines is more accessible than ever before with the slide in the bottom deck. 

The Indus Neva can replace inefficient octabins

Our products completely replace octabins as a storage and processing solution. Big bags in the Indus Neva can be emptied completely using the slide in the bottom deck and can be stacked up to 7 meters. The slide also enables production to mix different granule types or colours. When the Neva is placed under a silo, it can be quickly and safely transported to the processing lines with the option for mixing.

"After a succesful test, we have replaced our octabins. We now use over 250 pieces, to fill our big bags, store them and empty for processing in machines." Mehmet Turkyilmaz Plant Manager - Jardin Netherlands BV

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