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We serve companies that work with powders or chemicals by composing the strongest products.

The design of the bottom deck combined with discharging solutions solve bridging powders in big bags. Our solutions can be easily placed under or on top of machinery and processing equipment of the chemical industry. When working with aggressive chemicals our Food Grade version including stainless steel is recommended.

Big bag container Indus Neva 40660
Product information

Big Bag/FIBC Unloading Station

Indus and Gericke have designed a Big Bag Unloading Station to ensure optimal unloading of (non-flowing) powders in your factory.

Discharging unit big bag powders Indus Gericke

Especially designed for those customers that have poor flowing products. The Indus/Gericke Big Bag Unloading System offers a highly efficient method to reliably store, transport and discharge products from big bags.

The innovative unique design, which is a combination of a vibrating motor, pneumatic under massagers and a stretch system, enables the big bag to be fully emptied for minimal wastage & within a short turnaround time.

What we offer:

  • Possibilities for an all-in solution including pneumatic transport, handling equipment or screws
  • Scalablity: from a simple frame to a discharge solution for every powder
  • Test facility to test your product

Advantages of the Big Bag Unloading Station in comparison to unloading without the Indus NEVA:

  • Lower investment and modularity
  • Higher unloading capacity of big bags: ~2 minutes instead of 5-8 minutes
  • Lower building height
  • Lower floor load
  • Big bag placement on the frame outside of production hours
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