We drive innovation in almost every industry. Features of our solutions are applied in combination with free-flow goods like granules and food ingredients, as well as powders, chemicals and many other products. 

Your PLASTICS Industry

We provide the ultimate solution for handling plastic materials. Fill, store, empty and mix your granules from big bags using the slide in the bottom deck. With 1-1.5 tons per big bag, products can be stored 3-levels high.

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Your FOOD Industry

To meet the high demands in the food industry regarding food safety, Indus has developed a food grade solution. The Food Grade Indus Neva offers great benefits for the handling and storage of finished food and food ingredients.

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Your SEEDS Industry

Together with our customers and partners in the seed industry we designed a product that best meets the high demands for the vulnerable seeds. The result is a custom big bag (reusable, 100% waterproof, clean and smooth) and the Indus Neva Springhead. Thus, seeds are easily transported, stored and processed.

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Your CHEMICALS Industry

Chemicals and powders can be processed easily, using the Indus Neva big bag handling solution. The practical design and robust materials (stainless steel) can be connected to the existing machinery.

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Your OTHER Industry

Indus Solutions can be used in every environment where goods are transported and processed. Some examples of other industries are: pet food, wooden pellets, coffee & tea, food ingredients, nuts & cereals, and many more ...

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