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Near Utrecht, in the centre of the Netherlands, is where it all started. Pallet experience, logistics and product innovation knowledge led to the creation of what would later be a revolutionary change in bulk handling and logistics. Read our story and get to know us.

Our design philosophy


Our products help to build your products by optimizing your supply chain. By customizing our products to fit with your big bags, filling machines, conveying lines, forklifts, and other equipment you use in your plant or warehouse, there is always a solution that works for you.


We understand every situation is different and things change over time. Together with our group companies and partners we have the knowledge and innovative power to keep up with the rapidly changing environments.


Our solution is applicable to many different situations: be it big bag handling, improving the safety of your team, long term storage or improving your supply chain whilst also decreasing your carbon footprint, there is an indus solution that works for you. we have a readily available team always happy to provide you with advice. Contact us.

Important MILESTONES Timeline

The Indus journey can be described in many chapters. We would like to tell the story with important milestones made over the years since the birth of the company. 

Foundation Indus

In 2004, the foundation is laid for a big change in bulk handling. Conbox BV, as it was then called, was a collaboration between four entrepreneurs. In 2011, the company name has been changed to Indus.

2004 38732

Introduction first product: Neva

Years of designing, prototyping and innovating led to the introduction of the Neva in 2010. Now called the Indus Neva, the product was solid, simple and easy to use. These core values still stand nowadays, while many improvements have been made to optimize the product for application in any bulk good industry.

2010 38735

Market sizing and developments

For the successive years, Frans Huisman and Dirk Dijkstra are working on the sales and marketing of the Indus Neva around the globe. This leads to the Indus Neva being present in more than 50 countries and countless industries. The market is increasingly being mapped out and many innovations are taking place on that basis

2012 38754

Rolling Springhead innovation

To offer a solution for smaller big bags, and to improve emptying, the rolling springhead innovation has been introduced in 2016. The head, equipped with a pulley and positioned facing inward, is an advanced version of the 'normal' Springhead. 

2016 38738

Team expansion and new markets

The Indus team is reinforced with 2 more people.  This offers new possibilities and leads to new strategic partnerships in South America, France, UK and the Netherlands.

2020 38757

Multiple innovations and improvements

After adding a new employee in 2021, and another one in 2022, the Indus team is growing quickly. Customers and partners can expect many new things in 2022, like a product configurator, a new Springhead type, and the "Indus Kunar": a simpler solution for bulk storage and container transport.

2022 38760

Unique COOPERATIONS We're proud of

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford. We are very proud of the many companies we have been able to cooperate with, starting from 2004. 

Introducing OUR TEAM Members

Robert den Hertog Head Sales & Marketing

Bardina V/d Wijngaard Office & HRM

Dirk Dijkstra International Accountmanager

Chris Holstein Marketing & Design

Arjan Visscher International Accountmanager