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Functionality Neva


Filling an Indus Neva is conducted from the top. As the Neva can be combined with many different existing big bags, it fits your current packaging infrastructure well. Each Neva offers a loading capacity of 1.500 kg. The system’s height is adjustable by changing the length of the four stacking pipes in the corner, configured at the Indus factory. The system fits different big bag sizes, with a maximum height of 230 cm.

Safe Internal and External Transport

The Indus Neva offers remarkable safety when transported within and outside your company. The system remains completely stable during movement, both as a single unit or stacked on top of each other. This offers a tremendous safety advantage compared to traditional wooden pallet systems.


The Indus Neva design offers the benefit of stackability. Being held together by the stacking pipes at each corner, the Neva systems can be placed on top of each other while maintaining perfect balance – up to four high. This increases the capacity to a maximum of four times 1.500 kg.


The Indus Neva is discharged at the bottom through a bowl-shaped bottom part with a slide in the middle. This clever design offers excellent discharging efficiency and is outranking traditional flat designs. You benefit from minimal residual product, adding a higher margin to your business.

Dosed Discharge

In addition to Indus Neva’s bottom parts superior shape, the integral sliding system offers the benefit of dosed discharging. You can determine the discharge volume and frequency to fit your packaging infrastructure. Neva easily beats the common single-discharge packaging in flexibility and compatibility.

Minimal Return Volume

Neva is built robustly, yet adheres to a minimalistic design philosophy. The entire construction consists of only five parts, which offers the benefit of minimal space requirements. This allows for a remarkable reduction in volume of 1:5 when the Neva is not in use, cutting down the space and costs associated with storage and return transport. 

Get a Neva Testing Unit

Order an Indus Neva testing unit. This unit contains the Neva bottom part with integrated slide, a big bag and the four stacking poles.

Get a Neva Testing Unit

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